About Braitsite

Braitsite is a chatbot fed by information from the user provided data sources to answer questions from the users customers.

The chatbot then gets embedded in the users website and the users customers can ask questions to the chatbot.

It is a way to provide customer service to the users customers.

It will not always have the answer to the question but it will always try to answer the question.

Data source

A data source is a source of information about the customer, it can be a website or a document. The customer provides the data sources to braitsite and braitsite will use the information to answer questions from the customers customers.


The chatbot is the interface between the users customers and the data sources where the user can ask their questions and get a response from the AI.

The chatbot can be customized to fit the users website.

AI Training

We use Open AI to train the AI to answer questions from the users customers and GPT-3 and GPT-4 to answer the users questions.


The chatbot can be customized to fit the users website.

Who is behind it all?

Braitsite is developed by Arrrendee AB, a company based in Sweden.

Arrrendee AB is a company that develops software for the web.

Join us now


The plan for you to try out the AI chat-bot.

  • 50 sources
  • 50 messages/month
  • Default chat-bot

A plan that fits the small to medium sized websites.

  • 250 sources
  • 250 messages/month
  • Customizable chat-bot
  • Analytics

This plan fits the medium sized websites.

  • 1,000 sources
  • 1,000 messages/month
  • Customizable chat-bot
  • Analytics

The plan the fits the larger websites.

  • 10,000 sources
  • 10,000 messages/month
  • Customizable chat-bot
  • Analytics